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Introduces New Line of Filtration for Close Tolerance Cutter/Tool Grinding.

The Nano-T is the newest development in Transor's line of One Micron filtration systems. The new product will produce oil filtered to One Micron absolute, continuously, even when the automated cleaning of the filter elements takes place. In addition, a specially designed refrigerant system will control the tempurature of the oil to ± 0.2°C.

The Nano-T line is available for single or multiple machine set-ups.
Extend wheel life by as much as 400%
Reduce cycle times by a much as 25%
Eliminate existing maintenance cost (filters, cartridges, paper rolls, pre-coat)
Increase machine up-time
Reduce disposal cost

Major advancements in manufacturing have taken place in recent years with machine tools offering such features as increased accuracy, faster cycle times and untended operation. Filtration however has long been a misunderstood and neglected component of the machining process. This has led to rising maintenance and disposal costs and contributed to less than optimal machining efficiency.
Now the benefits of crystal clean oil are available for industrial grinding applications. The Transor System's patented filter concept provides one Micron absolute filtration, with elements that are designed to be cleaned rather than replaced. This procedure is performed every 8 hours and requires only 6 minutes, resulting in a filter element life of 15,000+ operating hours.
Benefits provided by the Transor are as follows:
Elimination of existing maintenance cost (filters, cartridges, paper rolls, pre-coat)
Reduced labor cost for maintenance
Reduced disposal cost
Greater reclamation of environmentally sensitive materials
Prolonged coolant life
Benefits of One Micron Filtration
Machining with coolant filtered to One Micron creates a much cleaner environment. There is less build-up of dirty oil on the fixtures and the work surface, lessening set-up time. The workpiece is also cleaner making parts easier to wash and ship quickly to the customer. Cleaner coolant is also easier on your machine as fewer particles can flow into critical machine areas that can result in component failure. Finally, Transor's crystal clean coolant washes the dirt from the windows of enclosure doors helping your equipment look as good as it did the day it was installed.