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The MNG1 bond is developed for the roughing wheel on the Rollomatic NP4 & NP5.ensure highest quality and reliability in production.

Grinding wheel:
DMA 64-C150-MNG1

Cutting speed:

0.5mm/sec in multipass

multipass 25mm2

ASA (Action Super Abrasive SA), company founded in 1993, is specialized in the development and production of diamond and borazon grinding wheels with resin bonds (phenolic and polyimide) used for cutting tool grinding.

From the very beginning Action Super Abrasive SA has attached a fundamental importance to its production quality and flexibility. Our main goals still lie today in the ability to provide a product from the conception stage to its unit or volume production in a very short delivery period.

Our know-how and many years of experience has granted us a big advantage to advise our customers and in developing specific bonds for each grinding application. The constant improvement of our wheel production machines and a very up-to-date laboratory ensure highest quality and reliability in production.
  Design office
Our design office will meet with you to determine the requirements for your application. Within 24 hours, we will produce wheel specifications to suit your needs. The lead time for delivery is typically two weeks.
Our extensive knowledge makes it possible for us to guarantee a high quality product with uniform manufacturing.
  Special adaptations
Our custom tightening systems guarantee perfect parallelism, concentricity and reaming of each grinding wheel.
To ensure the consistent quality of each grinding wheel, we have our own system for checking temperature and pressure.
A prebalancing is carried out on every grinding wheel.
Our range of machines enables us to profile any shape of gringing wheel.
  Quality control
Each grinding wheel is subject to rigorous quality controls before being dispatched.
Every grinding wheel is engraved with its specifications as well as a serial number to ensure optimal product traceability.