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PVD/PeCVD/Hybrid, Edge
Preparation, Plasma Nitriding
Machine, Turnkey

PD2i, a unique combination of experience and expertise.

We continue to innovate through experience we have gained.

Our engineers have over 20 years of experience and expertise in the fields of thin film coatings (PVD, PECVD, CVD), tribology, plasma nitriding, edge preparation and lean manufacturing.

The largest and innovative Portfolios Technologies

Our equipment is designed to provide :

  • High performance
  • Low running costs and efficiency
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Short delivery time
  • Affordability

Our machines:
Stream Finish · PeCVD · Drag Finish · PVD · Plasma Nitriding · Duplex Hybrid

We provide :

  • Complete set up of coating center and installations of all equipments
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting of PVD and PeCVD equipment
  • Components for thin film coating :
    • Arc Source round, planar
    • Magnetrons
    • Filtered arc
    • Ion Guns
  • Retrofit and update of existing/old system

PD2i provides consulting services to a wide range of industries: machining, forming and molding, general engineering, high performance components.

We will work with you to understand the specific needs of your business, develop practical solutions based on PD2i insights and expertise, and effect changes that deliver tangible results.

We provide :

  • Technology Transfer
  • Design coating center
  • Engineering of special machines for thin film and plasma technology
  • Technology support/ R&D and Process development
  • Expertise failure analysis
  • Development of lean production process
  • Audit and training
  • Machining tests
  • Market studies for new business opportunities

Drag finishing system description:
Work pieces to be treated are fixed on specific holders; they are turning with circular and elliptical move-ment at high speed in a container filled with polishing media. The automatic and adjustable rotation create high friction forces between the work pieces and the media producing in a short time a high quality polished surface, or a precise rounding of the cutting edges.
Process parameters:
Revolution per minutes, processing times rotation directions are controlled by PLC with an easy use menu interface access via a touch screen. This ensures an optimal reliable processing within short time.

A sensor controls the longer to be immersed in the media for safety and to avoid risk of damage.
Work pieces holders
They are drawn specifically with the various applications to obtain a flow homogeneous and effective of the media on the surface of the parts to be treated.
Cutting tools holders for edge preparation
For drills, end mills, taps, hobs standards tools holders are available for the different diameters. The design are made for very fast clamping inside the machine.
No the contact between the parts
Polishing of internal and external surfaces
Homogeneity and reproducibility on complex forms
High reliability of the edge rounding
Medical: Polishing implants and surgical instruments. The medical applications require an excellent surface quality with a great reproducibility, the manual operations cannot ensure the reliability and the productivity. Process parameters as polishing time and media type or grain size are adapted according the material to polish and the form of the work pieces.
Reliability, excellent surface quality; high productivity and great return on investment.
Others applications:
Decorative: Faucets, taps, doors handles, jewelry to get high visual qualities
Machines components: Gears punch and die textile parts, hydraulic parts, tools holders.

Cutting tools: Edge preparation
The purposes of Edge preparation by drag finishing process are:
- To improve surface qualities of cutting edge and the flood.
- Radiusing the cutting edge to improve the impact resistance.
- Deburring the HSS tools
All this effects improve the reliabilities and the performances of the cutting tools
Post treatment after coating:
Cutting tools are coated by process which generate droplets which doesnt facilitate the chip removal.
Polishing after coating improves the roughness and reduce friction coefficient which reduce also the cutting forces.
Various equipments:
All the machines are built with same technology and deliver same performances results, same reliability & costs effectiveness.
Depending of the volume to produce 3 sizes are available.
DRF3H: 3 Heads
DRF5H: 5 Heads
DRF6H: 6 Heads