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The ShapeSmart NP5 is a 5-axis Precision Cylindrical Pinch/Peel grinding machine with integrated 3-axis robot loader and grinding diameter range from 0.025 -20 mm (.001" - .787"). The NP5 is ideal for cutting tool blank preparation as well as punch and mold applications requiring complex geometry and high length-to-diameter ratios.
A versatile robot loader and optional in-process gauging mean you can successfully grind small batch quantities, as well as guarantee unattended accuracy during longer roduction runs.The patented Pinch/Peel grinding process is a proven method that provides superior performance and optimal concentricity. With the addition of a 5th axis, you now have the ability to grind flats, hexes and non-concentric cam profiles.
Rollomatic® P4Smart design software combined with the NanoGrind machine control software offers the ability to mix conventional multi-pass roughing with a final, thru-feed, pinch-grinding pass. Glass-scales on the roughing and finishing axes help to achieve the highest level of interpolation accuracy and diameter control while providing a superior surface finish on tapers and radii.

Attractive exterior design and small footprint
Two separate grinding heads (roughing and finishing) are positioned on independent CNC axes opposite each other
Box slide systems on roughing and finish slides for superior repeatability
A sliding headstock pushes the blanks through a V-block shank guide system with an idling roller forcing the blank hydraulically into the V-block.
World's most reliable pick-and-place loader
2-axis controlled, up to 500 tools storage
Blank length on loader up to 300 mm (12")
Back or front registration possible
Capacity - Motor spindle:
Grinding range from 0.025 - 16 mm (.001" - 5/8")

Powerful grinding motor 8.5 kW (11.5 hp) for rough grinding

Oil-cooled direct drive spindle on finishing station for extreme precision & finish

Programmable headstock from 300 - 3,000 rpm

Superior wheel arbor system, PerfectArbor for best concentricity and repeatability
Control - OS - Software:
NEW Rollomatic's own desk top programming system P4Smart
2D tool simulation and collision test
Import with .dfx file format

Operator-friendly and simple machine control for ease in shop floor use

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