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The GrindSmart® Nano6 is a compact 6-axis high tech tool grinding center, designed for the manufacturing of advanced with Ø 0.01 - 2.0 mm (0.0004" - 0.078"). It is the world first true super-micro tool grinding machine for manufacturing extremely small cutting tools with the highest accuracy ever achieved in terms of concentricity, radius, shape tolerance and geometry. Ideal for the miniature cutting tool industry, the electronics and semiconductor industry, the de-burring industry and the dental industry, it is the most reliable tool grinder for short and long runs.
The Nano6 tool grinder features an integrated robot loader and the new Rollomatic operator panel with 15" screen. Concentricity, surface finish and diameter control are key parameters for high performance cutting tools and are very critical if the diameter of the tools is super small, such as under Ø 0.10 mm (0.004"). The Nano6 tool grinding machine is the perfect choice for grinding precision nano tools with confidence.

  Machine Advantages
Mirror surface finish


Hydrostatic and linear motor machine axis system provides a high damping effect for excellent edge quality and surface finish.
Zero micron tool runout
A floating workhead arbor based on material elasticity, and the new generation tool shank guide system, both designed to drastically decrease setup time.
Thermal stability
  The coolant oil is oil, and flows consistently through all machine elements and the machine bed. Tight size control can be achieved right from the start of production.
Compact 6-axis layout
Designed to ensure the shortest possible travel distances between grinding wheels and operations,enhancing cycle time and super precision.
The machine hood is physically disconnected from the machine base to stop any external vibration. Finite element engineering is used to determine the perfect size and weight of the machine elements, resulting in an optimally stable machine.