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Whether for roughing work or use in ultrafine finishing- the dielectric has to satisfy the very specific require-
ments for every application. The high-performance dielectrics from Oelheld are made from synthetic base
oils and contain discharge- intensifying and wear-reducing additives and ageing inhibitors for use in electric
discharge machining (EDM). By contrast with the conventional Mineral oil products, the high-purity synthesis
products enriched with the Oelheld- patented satelite electrodes from the lonoPlus® series are
manufactured in a special blending process..

The benefits of Oelheld:
The dielectrics from Oelheld are characterised in particular by performance- enhancing and application- friendly properties:
Less electrode wear
better polishing results
Faster machining
No filtration problems
Neutral odour
No health hazards
All oelheld dielectrics can be mixed
In order to archieve this, Oelheld GmbH works not only very closely with various universities but also has it own laboratories eqquipped with the latest analysis apparatus and numerous test rigs. The engineers and technicians in our Research department develop tailored products here that have proven themselves worldwide for many years using the latest basic oil and additivetechnologies. Metal processing oils, dielectrics and water- miscrible cooling lubricants account for the largest proportion of our broad assortment of basic products. We regard these areas as our spheres of key competence and have proved this through numerous patented and extremely successful products.
Should you need more then just a standard product or wish to increase the productivity of your production,
come to us and put our laboratory to the test. We guarantee a long service life for many of our products and also carry out regular analyses of your products currently in use.

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